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I'll Be Your Friend Vee Neck Ladies Tee

I'll Be Your Friend Vee Neck Ladies Tee

Let them know you care. You'll stand up for them. You'll sit with them in the lunchroom. You'll resist stereotyping. You'll listen. You'll be a friend.

Helium Studio Gear is aimed to lift up - get it? like Helium does? - those who wear it and everyone around them.

Hangtag says:

Be Uplifting! Wear Helium Studio gear and give a burst of encouragement to anyone in your path. Give a lift to someone sitting across from you, walking with you, running past you, working out beside you, riding the bus with you … And the bonus? How wearing our gear makes you feel.

Get uplifted! Live up to the message, and be the great encourager you were meant to be.

Helium Gear logo printed below collar on back.

Ladies' vee neck long sleeved shirt is a *ladies cut* (a bit fitted at the waist) made of 100% cotton. You may want to order *1 size larger* than you wear in a unisex shirt.

Choose your size when you order. Color as shown.

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$ 25.00